The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On, Trudy Kerr (voice), Sarah Moule (voice), Simon Wallace (piano) and Geoff Gascoyne (bass) evoke the cool, stylish world of Mad Men, hipsters, hard-bop and beatniks. Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and the Beatles all drew inspiration from the freewheeling style of Jack Kerouac and the 1950s Greenwich Village ‘Beat Poets’ and their songs feature alongside some of the super-hip jazz of the era.  Sarah Moule, Trudy Kerr, Simon Wallace and Geoff Gascoyne have all worked closely with 94 year old Bob Dorough and the late, great Fran Landesman, two key figures on the 1950s New York scene whose razor-sharp lyrics perfectly complement the hep vocalese of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross in a set which takes a joyful look at the legacy of the Beats.

Trudy Kerr is the genuine article – she is a joy!  MOJO Magazine

Massive talent and perfect technique.  Sarah Moule stands in the very top flight of UK vocalists.  London Jazz

Geoff is uniquely accomplished and experienced across all aspects of music making. He was a massive part of my success.   Jamie Cullum

Wallace’s music exactly echoes (Landesman’s) unsettling but deceptively simple lyrics…his arrangements are immaculate.   The Observer